Episode 26 – Wipe Your Ass Before You Sag


Nelly with Florida Georgia Line

This episode we have Tara and Nick, and we welcome newcomer Marcus to the show! This is a monumental occasion as Marcus is our first ever black guest on the show. We start off by discussing Marcus’ idea for a Columbus version of the Apollo theater. Somewhere for new artists to be showcased and heard, and where people can get down and groove to some never-before-heard local shit. An amazing premise that we hope will someday come to fruition! We talk about genre-bending artists like Nelly and Taylor Swift who (while not really my cup of tea) are doing big things for music and knocking down the walls that are holding artists back from trying new things

We listen to a snippet of Lil B, who happens to be one of the shittiest rappers I’ve ever heard. Marcus tells us about the boom of “Molly Music” that just happens to be some of the worst music ever, and how Lil B falls into that category. We then move on to the degradation of society as a whole and how kids, teens, and young adults these days are clinging to this dumb “party mentality” which includes the wearing of neon colored Spencer’s shirts promoting drugs, sex, and cuss words. What the fuck?

CaptureMarcus being one of the only other parents I’ve had on, the conversation eventually moves on to our parenting styles and how we each discipline our kids. We mention shit our kids say, and how I deal with a lot of shit (no, real shit – poop and feces) from all 3 of my kids on a daily basis.

Lastly, we talk about black youth, sagging, Tool, gay people, politics, and the war on drugs. Marcus gives us a fresh perspective on a lot of things, so we tried to cover all bases while we had him! It was really fun having him on, and hopefully he comes back and we can eventually get some other new guests on the show soon. It’s nice getting other people’s perspectives on poop and butts and gay stuff sometimes, you know? We end the show by talking about what we would become in prison, and where to go if you want to murder someone. We then watch this interesting video of a cop proposing that we legalize all drugs. Word! Shawn shows up at the end (as he does) and we catch him up.

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