Episode 25 – Peeing in Random Places


The man himself

Nick, Eric, Shawn and I start this episode by discussing my compulsive Steam purchasing woes (again) and which indie games are worth playing. We move on to a very nerdy discussion about TVs and the future of 3D. Shawn and Nick tell us about their big guy summertime blues. I then tell the guys what an upper decker is

We spend the majority of the rest of the show talking about our friend Shane and his ridiculous shenanigans. We touch on relationships and how the women usually take control at some point. It’s inevitable! We then look at some reddit shit, we bitch about bicyclists, and discuss the best and most overlooked movies on Netflix


Christy Carlson Romano in Mirrors 2

We end the show by watching this (awesome) clip from Mirrors 2 featuring Christy Carlson Romano and then for some reason comparing her to Lana Del Rey. We all share details about our sex lives and then move on to our celebrity man crushes. Coincidence? Hardly

Stream below, on Mixlr, or iTunes. Enjoy!