Episode 24 – Butterfly in the Sky


Even Simpsons hates M. Night

This episode I’m joined by Eric and Nick. We start off by discussing movies we’ve watched recently. I tell my opinions on Maniac and Star Trek: Into Darkness, which then leads to a longer chat about Star Trek and we learn that Nick is in fact, a Trekkie. The conversation moves on to M. Night Shyamalan and his abominations. I then tell the guys about another podcast I’m a fan of, Horror Dork, which is all about horror movies. They also have a strange appreciation for shitty horror movies, which is fantastically fascinating. Nick also recommends a movie he watched recently, Absentia, which is on Netflix


The lovely Bailey Jay

We dabble a little bit in why a revolution would be necessary (just kidding NSA! HAHAH..he..ugh..), Shawn joins us, and then Nick tells us he signed up for a dating site. He tells us the riduculous questions asked for the interview portion which leads to a discussion about butt play and trannies. We spend the next hour or so talking about our preferences and where we draw the line. Eric gets called a homophobe, we find out some secrets about Nick, and I probably make everyone feel uncomfortable with my opinions. Shawn just doesn’t give a fuck for the most part (Although The lady to the right would not be acceptable to bone by Eric and Shawn’s standards)

Another fruity episode in the books! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Listen below, on Mixlr, or iTunes. Go to www.Keezie.com/donate and donate if you can! Thanks!