Episode 23 – Illuminati is Martian for Christian

Alex Grey - OversoulThis week I am joined by Dairic and Nick. The show begins with a discussion about my experience at Rock on the Range and my observation of the “normies”. We go in depth about what makes us different from regular folks, and how society and mainstream media mold the simple minded masses into the out-of-touch, weird, mindless army that make up a vast majority of our population. By using scare tactics and fear-mongering, they are able to make everyone believe everything they want you to believe, and act the way they say you should act. Bullshit we say!

The conversation takes a sharp turn after we play a beautiful new Lindsey Stirling song, and we spend the next hour of the show going into far too much detail about our diets, and the shape, smell, and frequency of our shits. The subject of pooping is an every day topic in the Keezie household due to Alexis’ bout with UC, but for those of you who don’t find shit to be that funny, skip this segment and rejoin us after we play the Korn song!

The last portion of the show we discuss Alex Grey and his art. Dairic being a fan, he schools us with his wealth of AG info. Our talk comes full circle when we lead the conversation back into society and urban culture, while dabbling a little bit into conspiracies. We also end the show by playing a garbage-ass Rick Ross song, so I advise hitting stop as soon as it comes on.

Lots of enlightening and revealing info this show. No time wasted playing on the internet or watching funny videos, just raw conversation. Get some!

Stream below, peep it on iTunes or Mixlr. Bye!