Episode 21 – 4/20 Celebration: Dicks & Dogs

The star of the show

The star of the show

This week we welcomed guests Eric, Dairic, Nick, Paula, Tara, Shawn, and Shane. We celebrated 4/20 by puffing on our brand new vaporizer for most of the show, so expect a tad more laughing, but hardly any coughing! The perfect device to get high and talk on a podcast

We discuss weed for a bit, and talk about recent movies we’ve watched. Oblivion gets a big thumbs down from Shane and Dairic. Evil Dead gets a big thumbs up from Kyle, and GI Joe gets a collective “hand-jerking” motion from everyone. Dairic then tells us how he hates almost all 80’s cartoons, which no one approved of. We all found common ground in Muppet Babies, Fraggle Rock, and Rocko

The Muppet Babies - Keezie Show approved

The Muppet Babies – Keezie Show approved

Other topics include beastiality, the Boston bombing (and the potential “truth” about what happened), the events of my first mushroom trip, “monkey butt”, our old backyard wrestling organization “RSW”, and who we would love to hang out with. We also recommend some movies for you to watch. Dairic recommends Ever Since the World Ended and Monsters, I recommend Primer, and Nick recommends Lo


The show closes with us once again reminiscing about old movies and cartoons we used to love, and others we hated.

Check it out on Mixlr, or stream/download below! bye!