Episode 18 – Keezie on the Road #3: Down the Fruity Rabbit Hole

Mango_PineappleThis week we welcome newcomer Jacob to the podcast. The first hour or so consists of Dairic, Jacob and myself discussing video games, the future of the Keezie show (again), and the human condition. Jacob takes us deeper than we typically go, but it’s a welcome change of pace. We go on to talk way too long about fruits and veggies, (mainly mangos and pineapples) and Dairic tells us all the proper way to buy, slice, and eat a mango

Dairic discusses "The Journey" for PS3

Dairic discusses “The Journey” for PS3

Halfway through, the rest of the posse showed up. Shane, Angela, Josh, Heather, Eric and another newcomer Cassie all join the conversation. Everyone gets high and holds anywhere from 2-5 simultaneous conversations, but we manage to keep the show afloat. Topics at this point were completely random, barely touched on, or immediately abandoned. The show was unfortunately cut short though due to my own incompetence when I forgot to unmute the mic. In my defense, it was my first time using it, so it added a slightly different dynamic to the program!

Check it out on Mixlr (and experience the 20 minutes of silence toward the end), or stream below and hear me admit my failure before closing the show