Episode 17 – St. Paddy’s Day Celebration


This episode our only guests were Nick and Tara, mainly due to the fact that most normal people go out and do fun shit for St. Patrick’s Day. While St. Pat’s is one of our favorite holidays, this year we weren’t really in a position to do much celebrating due to Tara and I’s new addition to the family. Little Kennedy was born last Tuesday, nearly a week before her due date, so all of our plans kind of went out the window. No complaints though! She’s awesome!

Just who could this be?

Just who could this be?

This episode I talk at length about a couple of horrible cable guy experiences I’ve had recently, we play a few awesome Irish themed songs, and we discuss Skyrim. Nick also berates me about having not seen some movies that he considers classics, but I fire back at him with some of my favorites that everyone needs to see. I also reveal my newest celebrity crush

And remember, it’s paddy; not patty

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