Episode 16 – Shawt Bus Shawties

Short short short short

Short short short short

Lots of shawties came out this week! Guests included Eric, Dairic, Shane, Josh, Heather, Jerrod, Richard and Nick. Special appearances by Shawn and Mikey as well!

Nerdy discussions included the possibilities and future of 3D printers, and the inevitable demise of cable companies due to the awesome capabilities of the Google fiber network.

"Molly" (Pure MDMA, Ecstasy)

“Molly” (Pure MDMA, Ecstasy)

The conversation then moved to drugs, where we discussed what the fuck “Molly” is, and the differences between different strains of marijuana. Keezie show guests want some sativa! Who’s got some? We need to host a live experiment on a future episode.

We watched this hilarious video

And as the show was ending, we all decided to play babogies and started hitting each other. The nail in the coffin was the moment everyone decided to fart on one another

Thanks to all who came, and thanks to Kristen, Jeremy, Jeff, Travis, and whoever else listened!

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