Episode 15 – Shittily Sung 90’s Rock Trivia Night

tgifThis week Dairic, Jerrod, Paula and I spend a good portion of the night reminiscing about the 90’s and how we would spend our Friday nights during our childhood. Watching TGIF and eating pizza (whether it be Ange’s or Pizza Hut) seemed to be the norm.

Tara was at the casino most of the night, but her return sparked a conversation about 90’s band Candlebox doing a show there a few weeks back, which then parlayed into a discussion about other similar 90’s rock bands. Dairic and Jerrod shittily sang each song to help jog our memories


Violinist Lindsey Stirling. Coming to the Newport Music Hall on March 15th!

We also watched a video that created hallucinogenic effects after viewing it, and Dairic and Jerrod introduced us to rapper El-P. Other topics included psychedelic drugs, ideas for better forms of transit, the potential capabilities of human mind, Lindsey Stirling, backyard wrestling, and more!

Per Dairic’s recommendation, your goal for the week is to try to avoid using the term “you should…” when suggesting to a friend what you would like them to do, and also refrain from using “they” when referring to a certain person/people/organization that you consider to be in a position of higher power than yourself. i.e. “once they figure out how to unlock the full potential of our brain power, maybe we will finally create a time travel device!”. Dairic wants to know: Who the fuck are “they”?

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