Episode 13 – Hangin’ with Friends, and Talkin’ to Ends

wallpapers-v2This week we have a friendly chat with our buddy Rob Hunter, (aka Ends/Finale), Josh shows us some intriguing websites, we touch on Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists, discuss vaporizers, and we plan our next trip to go see “The Room” in the theater next month!

Ends will be releasing a new mixtape every month this year. Download January’s album here, and check back on February 1st for the next album entitled “Leatherface”!

Head over to the Broken Fort section if you want to check out some older stuff with Ends and Keezie. He’s on the Experi-Mental album, Keezie’s “Misc” album, and the 2 Stereo Star albums

And make sure you check out Incredibox. It’s enough to keep you busy for a while, especially if you’re high!

Download the show from the link below, or push the play button below to stream it directly from this page! (You will also get the added bonus of hearing the amazing theme song that no one got to hear during the live stream due to Keezie’s fuck up)