If you haven’t noticed, the Keezie show site isn’t quite set up as well as it was a month or two ago. For some reason wordpress blogs around the internet keep getting hacked and it’s already messed up my site twice now! I plan on getting everything set back up and in order by the time the new episode is set to air this Saturday, so no worries

And sorry for the lack of shows as well. It’s been a very busy couple of months with the holidays and personal family stuff happening, but we’re finally going to start back up and try to keep it going at a regular pace. If not every week, at least a couple times a month. Even if i have to do shows alone, I will!

If you have any ideas for topics or things for us to do on the show, feel free to let me know, we’re open to anything. We have never really followed a strict model on our show, it’s mainly just us fucking around and bullshitting, but it’s nice to know what others are thinking

Happy new year, and hope you are all ready for groundhogs day coming up in just a few weeks!