Episode 30 – Fresh White Reeboks Kickin’ Your Ass

Nigel Peppercock

Nigel Peppercock

Oh boy. This episode was a doozy. Lots of people, lots of stuff going on, it gets out of hand before long. I’ll try to cover the basics. This entire episode is very NSFW, so listen and click through these links at your own risk

We’re joined by Nick, Dairic, Tara, Shane, Angela, Mikey, Kara, and returning for the first time in months, Nate! Let’s see.. it is our one-year anniversary of doing the Keezie show! There’s a little bit of an issue with duplicate audio right off the bat, sorry bout that. But this isn’t an edited show! When we fuck up you’ll know, alright!?

We begin with some nutrition news courtesy of Dairic, which i squash almost immediately. We move on to movie talk, i scold people for holding multiple conversations, and I start getting into items I’ve saved on Reddit. We have a good time making fun of these horrible album covers, and then we discover the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Nigel Peppercock (VERY NSFW). This image is referred to throughout the remainder of the show, so keep that in mind

We actually listen to some Nigel Peppercock, we discuss some of our old music, and Angela calls me out for referring to multiple beers as “beers” and not “beer”. I show everyone a Reddit thread consisting of XXX rated Harley Quinn gifs (NSFW) which prompts a lengthy discussion of cartoon porn. We look at quite a bit of Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, and My Little Pony porn before the awkwardness gets the best of everyone.

Karla Pirata

Karla Pirata

Other topics include Disney’s perviness, Russian Mortal Kombat (NSFW), the internet’s worst videos, and the new Justice League animated movie. Shawn shows up and the conversation get’s considerably more awkward when we all start sharing our personal grooming and self-pleasuring habits. Many many topics come and go in the blink of an eye, but it eventually leads to beastiality and a discussion about porn we’ve recently watched. We recommend everyone check out the works of Lisa Ann, Tiny Tasia, Christy Mack, Bibi Jones, and especially Karla Pirata.

Anyone who sticks through to the end is a real trooper. The last hour is all over the place, but that’s not to say that it isn’t entertaining. Good times and many laughs were had, and you also learn way more about us than you would ever want to know. A very sexually charged episode to say the least, and it all started with Nigel Peppercock

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